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Everything you need to know about Eclectic Soul Yoga. We know you’re thinking it, so we’re here to answering all your lingering questions! No, we’re not mind readers, these are just the questions everyone asks, so we wanted to beat you to it and get you the answers to those Q’s you’re probably wondering about.

Q: What types or styles of classes do you offer?

A: Eclectic Soul Yoga offers a variety of yoga found HERE with the schedule and class descriptions. Eclectic Soul Yoga is a Boutique Yoga studio that uses traditional Eastern Vinyasa Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama breathing with Hip Hop and Soul Music influenced playlist.

Q: Do I need to reserve my spot in class?

A: Absolutely. We are a Boutique yoga studio and we keep our classes small. We want to make sure that every individual’s needs are met so classes have a max limit. We also want to make sure that classes are being filled. If no one signs up for class, then classes will be subject to change and rescheduled.

Q: Where can I see all the current classes available on the schedule and/or how often can I come in to take a class?

A: You can see all the current classes and schedule HERE. You can take as many classes as you like with the Unlimited Yoga Membership. We also have membership options for those who only want to practice 5x a month, or if you like to drop-in for class.

Q: What times are your classes?

A: We offer plenty of classes to work around your schedule whether you’re an early bird, love a midday sweat session, or want to swing by after work. And we’ve also got plenty of options for our weekend warriors! You can find all our class times as well as the instructors HERE.

Q: Speaking of instructors, what are their qualifications?

A: Every instructor has completed their 200 YTT training and beyond. Each instructor is Yoga Alliance certified and has CPR/AED training. Click on each instructors Bio to learn more about them.

Q: What if I go out of town or have to move? Can I pause or stop my membership?

A: We hate to see you go! But If you move or go out of town you will need to provide us with a change of address documentation and give us a 30 days notice. You will be able to pause or stop your membership without penalty. There are terms and conditions that my apply. When you are a member at ESY you are family. We want the best for you.

Q: What are other options in addition to membership?

A: YASSS! Alternative options can be purchased such as class passes, private/semi-private lessons and corporate workplace yoga is offered. Please fill out the form below and a member of our team will connect with you.

Have more questions we didn’t cover here? We ain’t neva scuureed, hit us with your best shot! Contact us below to let us know if there are any other questions we can help answer, and don’t forget to grab your mat and get your next class on the books by clicking here.



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