Hip Hop and Yoga

Why Hip Hop and Yoga?

Cues in Erykah Badu ft. Common - Love of my Life (An Ode To Hip Hop). 

I started practicing yoga 16 years ago by accident. I grew up dancing and practiced dance six days a week at a school for dance. For me, dancing was life. No holiday went by where I wasn’t dancing in my Grandmother’s kitchen, outside on her porch, and even in the living room. I knew all the latest dance moves and would teach the moves to my Grandmother, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Music was also very instrumental in my life growing up. I promise you that between my mom and her old cassette/cd player I know all the words to Every. Single. Freddie Jackson's recorded album. Weekends did not begin without Otis Redding, Smokey Robinson, and all the great Jazz, Blues, Soul, R&B legends.

My first yoga class was filled with Wealthy, Upper Middle-Class Women. The majority of the class were Soccer Moms, and I knew all of them from their sons and daughters being my classmates. The music was light and instrumental, but what I remembered most about the practice is how connected I felt with myself in ways that I did not connect with while attending dance school. I continued to deepen my practice, but I realized that something was missing. The missing piece for me was the music. I wanted to practice yoga with music that resonated with me, music that was part of my identity, music that made me feel good, like how I felt when I was dancing in Grandmother’s kitchen surrounded by family. So that was the beginning of me adding hip hop, soul, r&b to my at-home yoga practice. Flash forward to the beginning of Yoga Teacher Training, I knew that I would open a yoga studio where you could learn and practice yoga while listening to hip hop, soul, r&b, and other genres of music. That was the beginning of Eclectic Soul Yoga. Hip Hop, Soul, and Yoga.