Clearing Space

With September right around the corner we enter into a new season. Fall brings in so much change from starting school, moving in or out to new or old places, the layering of clothes, boots, and heavy jackets for four season demographics. We add to our space, wardrobe as we prepare for the holidays but what we don’t realize is that we also add to the mental space and stress in our everyday lives.

So how do we clear space from all the items we have been collecting in our minds? The best tip is to stop, take a few deep rounds of 6 count breaths and notice where you are holding tensions. Are you holding it in your forehead? Is your jaw clinched? Are you shoulders tense? Do you have your hands clinched? Try to let go and focus on your breath.

After you have done that notice the thoughts that are racing in your mind. What thoughts can you let go of? Will making a list help? Take inventory of the things you may be telling yourself that negatively affect you and let it go! Let go of those thoughts so you can clear the space in your thoughts to allow for more positive thoughts to take that space.